We have 7 stand-up paddleboards; 6 regular size (10’8” x 32”(81cm) x 4.75") for paddlers up to 100kg, and one thicker (6") board for people over 100kg.

Available to book for 2 or 3 hours over high tide.   

 Paddleboard Rates Summer 2023


2 Hours

3 Hours

Over 3 hours *

  Paddleboard (1 Person)







£150+ TBA

 Scheduled Guided Session

£35 per person

£35 per person

 Min £180

 Scheduled Coaching session 

£45 per person

£45 per person

 Min £180

Please let us know if you would like to reserve the thicker board

You will need to be a competent swimmer and have some prior experience on water in a paddle craft.  Please note paddleboards are not what we cosider to be 'entry-level' craft when used on a tidal estuary with maritime traffic.  If in doubt, please book a kayak or join one of our 'Beginners Paddleboard Coaching Sessions' for your first trip out.            

Suitable for children of over 10 or 11 years old, depending on size and experience.  All under 18s must have some prior paddle experience, and must be accompanied by an adult.  Both adults and children must be able swimmers. 

To hire at any time other than around high tide you will need to hire a guide, or demonstrate your paddleboard experience and knowledge of the estuary. 

Guided Paddleboard trips

Book one of our guided paddleboard trips and be looked after by one of our crew who will help reveal what the estuary has to offer, share their local knowldege and get you to a choice picnic or swimming spot.  Or join one of our scheduled paddleboard trips that we offer across the season. 

Paddleboard Coaching

Master the basics and improve your paddleboarding quickly.  Spend some time with our qualified paddleboard coach.  Book your own private session or join one of our scheduled coaching sessions which we run across the season.       

Suggested Initeraries

We will talk to you on arrival to understand what you would ideally like to do and then come up with ideas that you can choose from, depending on tidal and weather conditions. 

Two hours is our minumum hire time which allows you to get somewhere and back, with a brief stop (stretch!).   If you are new to paddleboarding or not confident of your fitness, 2 hours is plenty of time.  Don't be too ambitious. We'll point you in the direction of a bit of shore that you can get to easily and practice.

Three hours allows you to go a little bit further or have a more decent stop, eg for a swim, explore, chill somewhere quiet, or have a stop at the Malsters Arms, Tuckenhay.  Pleaae note: heading downriver to the Ferry Boat Inn, Dittisham, is for experienced paddlers only.*

Over three hours allows to you to really explore if you're feeling fit and super-adventurous, or time to eat in one of the pubs or cafes.  This is for experienced paddlers only. Outside of the main summer holidays, paddleboards may be available for overnight and multi-day hire.*     

If you're booking a big trip, or a novice group or anyone wanting a bit of guidance on the most suitable schedule, please call and we will gladly advise.  Please note we can be very busy on the quay at peak summer time so our phone time maybe limited.  The more you can book in advance, the easier it is for us to help you.  

* Why is this?   For the hours around high tide in good summer conditions, the estuary is like a lake. Perfect for entry-level paddling.  Once the tide is running, it is important to know what is going on, where to go and how to handle your board.  For the hours over low tide, rocks, mud flats and sharp oyster shells reveal themselves.  While this is less of a concern for our sturdy kayaks, paddleboards need more delicate care.  

What we provide:  

We provide you with a paddle, leash, buoyancy aid, map and a dry bag to carry your own gear. 

What to Bring:

Come prepared to get wet and be able to stay warm on the water.  We do not provide paddle clothing so suggest you come dressed in swimwear under shorts and non cotton t-shirt and hat if it's sunny, with sun cream and a bottle of water. If it's looking cooler or wet then we advise a wetsuit.  

There are shops in Paignton (10-15 minutes drive from Stoke Gabriel) where you can usually buy westuits at short notice. 

Footwear: You need footwear that can get wet for getting on and off the board.  This is especially important when going out mid and low tide as there are sharp oyster shells that can cut your feet.  When on the board, it is best to be flat-footed so river shoes, wetsuit boots or non-heeled drysuit boots are best.  It is fine to take your shoes off once on the board and put them on again when you land.  You can stow shoes under the bungy cords that are across the deck of each board.

Have a change of clothing and towel ready for when you get back in.  Please note we don't have changing facilities here so you might want to bring a big towel! 

Having water or juice and snacks to have whilst paddling is also good practice and we provide dry bags for you to carry these in.